The key to a good night's sleep. Finding the right mattress is vital. Our mattresses are designed to promote a healthy night's sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized ready for the day ahead. Our top quality products are designed to maximize comfort and support so the spine and body are fully rested.


The Berlin 1500 Pocket Sprung Faith & Ethan Mattress is a high quality fully orthopedic mattress with 1500 pocket springs, euro top box foam in a luxurious top layer create a firm, comfortable  mattress. This mattress is a high quality mattress with anti bacterial and anti allergy fabric and edge to edge support making this a long life product.


*Price is for mattress only.


Available in 3FT, 4FT, 4FT6, 5FT and 6FT.



  • 1500 Pocket Sprung System
  • Power Sleep Knitted Fabric
  • Euro Box Top
  • High Density PU Foam
  • Handles 
  • Edge to edge support
  • Spinal Support
  • Soft Knitted Hypoallergenic &a